032 - How To Host A Website (Part 2)

5 Sep, 2017

Picking up from last week, this episode shares some of the options you can try for hosting a full blown web app, so you can show off your work when you’re learning to code.

If you missed last week’s episode which was all about how to host a static website, go back and listen to episode 31. Today we’re talking about hosting applications with dynamic content, i.e. you need a database and have written the backend code.

To review the basics, you will need a domain name (most of the time!) and web hosting to have a website–go back and listen to episode 31 to hear more about these. To host an app you will also need a database server, and the good news is that you can usually get the hosting bundled in with this. But you will almost always need to buy the domain separately.

Here’s the overview of services I talk about in this episode (this is not a comprehensive list, just my experience!!):


Amazon Web Services

Other Services

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