043 - Node/Express Project - Progress Report

21 Nov, 2017

For some info on what it takes to build an app from scratch, here’s a progress update on the app I introduced in episode 35.

The main updates:

Goal #1 is shipping a minimum viable product (MVP). Since my initial plans got a bit complicated, I took a new approach and simplified the basic functionality of the app. I can always go back and add more robust features later?for now I’d like to get a good foundation completed.

I also aimed to pick up a new skill by using a new front end framework, Semantic UI to style the site.

In the testing stage, I found a bug! So researching some possible fixes, including the Mongoose queries written in my Express routes, and using AJAX requests to update small portions of the page.

I’ll do at least one more update on the app before wrapping it up! In the meantime…

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