005 - Learn To Code Resources

23 Mar, 2017

Today’s episode is an overview of the different types of learn-to-code resources I’ve found out there. From apps to use when you’re bored to full-time study programs, there are a lot of options!

Before deciding which option to go for it’s important to think about your own personal learning style: are you self-motivated or do you need more structure? Is there something specific you want to build straight away? Do you already have some coding experience? Do you like learning on your own or in a group?

Once you have an idea of how you learn best, it’s time to look at the different tools. I’ll go into these in much more depth in future episodes, but in the meantime here is the overview:

Regardless of the method you choose, the one piece of advice I have is to code every day! There is a lot to learn and you want to make sure it sticks.

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