About The Podcast

Hello! This site is home to the weekly Start Over Coder podcast, hosted by me. I am in the midst of a big transition, taking up a new career in coding, all in the pursuit of financial independence.

On the podcast I share all of my experiences and lessons learned, from learn-to-code resources to getting paid for your work, and all of the wins and losses along the way.

This whole thing started when I faced some pretty tough challenges at work. I’m still working for my company, so I’ll need to keep things a bit vague for the time being. But long story short, a huge, unexpected change in my work situation was the catalyst I needed to deeply consider what I want out of life. And what I discovered was that I certainly wasn’t getting it in my 9 to 5 life, not anywhere close.

I want to feel the flow and work on projects I can get really invested in. I want to have variety in my work and constantly learn new things. And I want to do all of this when and where I choose to–and I’m afraid that doesn’t fit exclusively between the hours of 9am and 5pm!

And this is what led me to the pursuit of financial independence. If I don’t need my paycheck to cover my living expenses, then I have the freedom to work on what I want, when I want to. I can work on personal projects, volunteer, consult on short- or long-term projects, study, travel…the list is endless. Unfortunately I’m not sitting on a massive pile of cash to be able to do this immediately, and therein lies the rub!

That’s where the Start Over Coder comes in. I thought a lot about how I could make my main source of income something I truly enjoy…something I can do for hours before noticing even one has passed…something that would put me in a real state of flow. Eventually it dawned on me that building things with code was the very thing. Even though I’d been doing it for fun on and off since grade school, I had never once considered making a career out of it. Well, now’s that time!

As I go along on this journey, starting over with a new career, I’m documenting the ups and downs with a podcast which you can listen to on this site. I’d love to hear what you think!