Hello! This site is home to the weekly Start Over Coder podcast where I share all of my experiences and lessons learned, from learn-to-code resources to getting paid for your work, and all the wins and losses along the way.


Latest Episodes

075 - The Last Episode! (Possibly 😋)

7 Jul, 2018

It’s the last episode! I’m sharing the biggest lessons I wish I knew when I first started learning to code, and also what’s still to come on the Start Over Coder journey.

074 - Ask Me Anything

26 Jun, 2018

In this episode I’m answering listener questions. From what kind of computer I use, to what coding program rejected me, to my thoughts on the job market as a junior developer...ask me anything!

073 - Discoveries! Chingu & uMatrix

13 Jun, 2018

Chingu is a learning community that gets you working on a dev team no matter what skill level you’re at. And uMatrix can add privacy to your browser and teach you about the modern web at the same time.


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