Privacy Policy & Disclosures

Thank you for your interest in my Start Over Coder project! This is a personal project I started to keep myself accountable and motivated towards learning to be a developer, and towards reaching financial independence.

However, since it’s in the public sphere, let’s clarify some things for avoidance of confusion.

I Don’t Make Money Off Of You

The Start Over Coder podcast and this site have no affiliate agreements and contain no paid or unpaid advertising. All external links and recommendations are based on my personal experience.

I Don’t Give Advice

The information I share on this website and in the podcast is intended for information and entertainment. It reflects my personal experience and should not be taken as financial or career advice, nor does it reflect the views of my employers (past or present).

I try my best to research well and share accurate information, but sometimes I may get it wrong, and some information may go out of date. Therefore, always do your own due diligence before making any personal decisions; you and only you are liable for the outcome!

I Do Get Some Information About You

When you use this site, cookies are used to collect some information, such as the type of device you use and which pages you visit. This information is not identifiable to you as an individual, and it helps me get an idea of how many people are visiting, and what kind of content you find the most interesting. This information is collected and managed by Google Analytics and you can read more about their privacy policies here.

Likewise, when you listen to or download a podcast episode (on this website or any podcast provider), some information is gathered by Anchor, the company that hosts my media files. It allows them to tell me how many people download or stream each episode. You can read more about their privacy policy here.

You Can Limit This If You Prefer

If you have privacy concerns, you can adjust your browser settings to block cookies and/or third-party scripts. This may have a negative effect on your browsing experience, but you may feel it’s worth it!

Alternatively, you can block these items on a site-by-site basis instead. Using a tool like uMatrix in Firefox, Chrome, or Opera will give you this control.

What About Personal Information?

If you submit any personal information using the contact form on this site, I will only use it to reply directly to your enquiry.

If you submit your email address to sign up for email updates, you will get occasional emails from me directly to you. If you ever wish to unsubscribe from my emails or to have your data deleted, please contact me and I will delete it. You will also find unsubscribe instructions in every email I send.

In both cases, your information is processed and stored by Netlify, the company that hosts this website. You can read their privacy policy here.

And Finally, Data Security

Aside from the third-party services listed above, I am the only person with access to the personal information collected on this site. I take every precaution to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or modification of anyone’s personal information under my control.

If You Use This Site, You Agree To These Terms

Pretty self-explanatory! Thanks for reading ✌️