055 - CSS Grid Is Awesome!!!

6 Feb, 2018

Verdict on CSS Grid…it is awesome! This episode is about what I learned after digging in to the syntax and how you can learn it as well.

CSS Grid is a new display method that is part of the native CSS3 syntax, and is supported in the majority of modern web browsers. The primary advantage of using grid is that you can create a web page layout by placing your content anywhere you like on a grid that you define yourself. No more floats, clears, or adapting to someone else’s grid system—just build what you need and it works. Using CSS grid also make is incredibly simple to make layouts responsive with not very much code at all.

Below is a list of the CSS Grid resources I’ve found to be the most helpful as I learned.

Top Recommendations:

Talks & Demos (video content)

Web Demos & Documentation

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