Financial Independence

It’s another pair of discoveries this week! The website Financial Toolbelt has some great calculators if you want to start getting to know your personal finances. And the Second Career Devs podcast is a must for any and all Start Over Coders!

It's the last episode in the How I FI series and today I'm talking about my top 10 actions for getting myself to financial independence.

Continuing on the topic of Financial Independence, once you know what it is and see the benefits, how do you get some basic knowledge?

Let’s talk about financial independence! This episode is all about my “money mindset” before discovering the concept of FI.

Financial Independence and a career in coding are like peas in a pod. Here's why!

Three big endings this week: online bootcamp, a coding workshop, and 15+ years of debt. That's a lot for 9 days!

Breaking down a problem into smaller steps is a great start, but it's not enough! This week I'm talking about what more can be done to accomplish coding goals.

I'll explain how you can achieve financial independence, and why I've chosen to do it. It's not just about sitting on the beach!

In this episode I'll define financial independence, and tell you why I think learning to code can get you there.