007 - Learn To Code: Paid Online Resources

30 Mar, 2017

This time I talk about some ways you can learn to code online if you’re ready to shell out some cash. This is the third episode of my Learn to Code how-to series.

If you want to check out previous episodes in the series, you can start with an overview in episode 5 or find out about free online resources in episode 6.

Here are the paid courses I shared in this episode:

And here are some more I didn’t mention in the episode but are worth checking out!

I also mentioned the online bootcamp training programs. I’ll talk about bootcamps in depth in a future podcast, but to start your own research now, here are the few that I named which definitely offer online programs:

One tip–when looking at these resources, be sure to confirm that the course matches the skill level you have already reached. You don’t want to go through the basics in each new course you try if you’ve already got the basics covered! You can usually find reviews of all of these sites (and more) on sites like Quora, SwitchUp, CourseReport, and of course YouTube.

Do you know of any courses that would be worth adding to this list? Leave a comment below! Or tweet me @startovercoder.