009 - Learn To Code: Join A Group!

13 Apr, 2017

The Learn To Code series continues in this episode, as we talk about joining local coding groups!

I’m very lucky to live in a major metropolitan area where transportation is easy and there are lots of people learning to code. If that’s not the same for you, be sure to check out some of my other episodes in this series (links below). But if you live in a relatively populated area, chances are there are some in-person groups you can join up with like I have.

My first suggestion is checking out meetup.com for local groups. Enter your post/zip code and search for random terms like ‘coding,’ ‘programming,’ or the name of whatever language you’re trying to learn and hopefully you will find some meetups to join. Facebook is another good place to find local groups of people learning to code.

If you live near a coding bootcamp, you might also look into whether they offer any free or introductory courses in your area. These may turn out to be a bit of a sales pitch for their school, but you may well learn something and at the very least you’ll meet some other people who are learning to code.

Once you find a group, the practical things you need to know are to bring your laptop (and charger!), some food, and some water, just in case (spoken from experience!). In the episode I also talk about some of my impressions from a few groups I joined. But whatever your experience, go in with an open mind and be ready to put yourself out there and ask questions. Happy coding!

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Are there any coding groups you’ve joined, or any other places to look that you would suggest? Leave a comment below! Or tweet me @startovercoder.