My Journey

It’s the last episode! I’m sharing the biggest lessons I wish I knew when I first started learning to code, and also what’s still to come on the Start Over Coder journey.

074 - Ask Me Anything

26 Jun, 2018

In this episode I’m answering listener questions. From what kind of computer I use, to what coding program rejected me, to my thoughts on the job market as a junior developer...ask me anything!

In this episode I’m wrapping up a few loose ends: the final report on my first from-scratch Node application, and a course review of Harvard’s CS50: Intro to Computer Science.

This week I sat in on a status meeting with a developer team in my company. Pretty cool to see what it’s actually like to work as a developer (well, get a glimpse at least!)!

I’m back from last week’s conference! How did I do with the goals I set out before going? Pretty well! Plus gained some tips for future conferences.

I’m heading to a coding conference in a few days! This episode is all about the prep, and setting a plan to make the most I can out of the event.

I started learning the React framework this was a mixed bag. Here are my first impressions!

It’s been a year since I started this podcast! But I'm still not earning money as a developer. Does it really have to take over a year to learn enough to become a working programmer?

It's time to revisit my learning plan for learning to code! With the start of a new year and career uncertainty ahead, I'm setting some goals to make sure this Start Over Coder expedition stays on track.

A whole year of learning to code, whew! In this episode I reflect on some of the bigger lessons that will carry into the new year: Code. With Others. And set goals! These are the keys to success.

This week I got rejected from a coding program that could have been a great way to jump into a new career. Bah humbug : (

For some info on what it takes to build an app from scratch, here's a progress update on the app I introduced in episode 35.

Quitting a well-paying, decent job to become a programmer is a big decision. This episode is all about the pros & cons.

I've started a new project, building a web app using Node & Express. These are the first things to think about when beginning a new project.

This week I saw just how beneficial it is to practice every day, and more importantly, to practice well. How can we apply this to learning to code?

Recently completed my first web app as part of a group workshop and I learned a lot! Here are the key steps and biggest takeaways from the experience.

Learning to code while working full time is a huge undertaking. Here are some strategies to help you get there.

I attended a massively interesting talk last week by some developers at Disney, talking about how they use code to build the amazing worlds and characters in their films.

After a few weeks of zero productivity, I've set a new learning plan for myself to learn to code. If I'm going to be a capable full-stack developer, I need a plan.

I've just completed my first project where I call an API to randomly generate an inspiring quote, and this episode is all about how I did it.

Hitting a key milestone in learning to code: that moment when you stop the coding exercises and actually build something!

It’s the first episode! I’ll introduce you to the Start Over Coder podcast: what is it, and what can you expect going forward?